Science Fair
Please consider the following judging criteria when constructing your project.

Remember, repeat your experiment multiple times.

I. Creative Ability

Does the project show creative ability and originality in the question asked?

Does the project show creativity in the problem solving process?

II. Scientific Thought

Is the problem stated clearly?

Was the problem sufficiently limited to allow plausible approach?

Was there a procedural plan for obtaining a solution?

Are the variables clearly recognized and defined?

Are there adequate data to support the conclusions?

 III. Thoroughness

Was the purpose carried out to completion within the scope of the original intent?

How completely was the problem covered?

Are the conclusions based on a single experiment or replication?

How complete are the project notes?

Is the student aware of other approaches or theories

How much time did the student spend  on the project?

 IV. Skill

Does the student have the required laboratory, computation, observational, and design skills to obtain supporting data?

Where was the project performed? Did the student have help from a parent, teacher, scientist, or engineer?

Was the project completed under adult supervision, or was it done primarily alone?

Where did the equipment come from?

V. Clarity
How clearly does the student discuss his/her project and explain the purpose, procedure, and conclusions?

Does the written material reflect the sutdent's enderstanding of the research?

Are the important phases of the project presented in an orderly manner?

How clearly is the data presented?

How clearly are the results explained?

How well does the the project display explain the project? - List of do's and don'ts!