Scrip Program
What is Scrip?

Scrip is a national fundraising program that allows you to reduce your family’s tuition cost by purchasing gift cards to places you already shop.  A percentage of your purchase is credited back to your family as a rebate towards the following school year’s tuition.

Hundreds of retailers are available.  Each retailer has a different rebate offered with the gift card purchase.

Check out what’s available at

 What’s the catch?

No catch.  Holy Spirit has participated in the Scrip program since 2008 and many families have benefited from participating in the program.  The first $100 each family earns in rebates is donated back to the school.  This donation serves as an unbudgeted amount of income for the school and also covers the shipping cost of the gift cards.  No family is “charged” the $100 fee – it’s simply deducted from your earned rebates.  If for some reason a family participates in Scrip but earns less than $100 in rebates, that family is NOT charged the difference.

 Give me an example…

For the academic year of 2015-2016, the Smith Family earned a total of $1468.39 in rebates.

Smith Family Tuition Obligation for 2015-2016 is $7000 for 11 months (this is only a sample number).

$7000 – $1368.39 = $5631.61 is the new tuition cost for Smith Family after applying earned rebates.

Monthly Tuition Rate before rebates for Smith Family: $636.34 

New Monthly Tuition Rate after rebates for Smith Family: $511.96

 What’s the ordering process?

After you’re enrolled in Scrip you place your order at and pay using PrestoPay (directions on the Scrip website on how to enroll) or send a check to school made out to “Holy Spirit Scrip.”

All Scrip orders need to be placed and money received by 8:30am on Mondays.

All Scrip orders can be picked up at the elementary school after 1:00pm on Thursdays.

Orders will NOT be placed when school is out for the week (ex. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break).  However, adjustments are made to the ordering schedule during the summer so orders can still be placed.

 This sounds like a lot of work…

With Scrip options such as ScripNow and Reload earning rebates is simple.  If you are enrolled in PrestoPay (directions on the Scrip website on how to enroll) you don’t have to wait for the weekly school order to get your gift cards.  Simply place your order on the Scrip website or you using the Scrip app on your smart phone.  ScripNow is instantly available to print from your computer or scanned as a gift card from the phone app.  Reloadable gift cards are also replenished quickly when you use PrestoPay.

 How do I enroll in Scrip?

First you’ll need to complete the “Holy Spirit Catholic School Scrip Agreement.”  You may return it to the school or email it to  Once that’s received our Scrip coordinator will contact you with the school’s enrollment code. 

 Still have more questions?

Contact our Scrip coordinator Christy Albea at or (205)246-2899.