Mrs. Edie Kyser


BA, University of Alabama

MS in Counseling and Psychology, University of West Alabama

MS in Sociology, New Mexico State University
Certified School Counselor

National Certified Career Counselor, Kennesaw State University


2.5 years of Career Counseling

1.5 years of Substance Abuse Counseling

11 years of School Counseling


I also teach Psychology and Sociology at Shelton State and the University of Alabama.

About Me

My name is Edie Kyser and I am a guidance counselor in the middle and high school at Holy Spirit Catholic High School. I have been married to Christopher, a wonderful man, for 14 years. We have a beautiful 11 year old little girl named Charli. She is in sixth grade at Holy Spirit. I have found the things I loved such as marathons (done two Chicago and New Orleans) and Triathalons (done one individual and several team) and 10K's have been set aside for more important things like softball, basketball, tennis, swim, golf and our newest adventure (offered at Holy Spirit) piano. 

I am very involved with a local women's charitable organization. I was asked to participate on the board this year helping provide opportunity of placement for women to help agencies within the community in which we live. For most of us it is also a time for us to share with our children how to give and teach about community. The Junior League of Tuscaloosa has been a wonderful experience.