Mrs. Paige Yeager


Bachelor of Arts - University of Alabama, Public Relations/Marketing
Master of Arts - University of Alabama, School Counseling
Certified School Counselor, State of Alabama Dept. of Education
Nationally Certified Counselor, National Board For Counselor Certification (NCC)
Bullying Prevention Specialist, American School Counseling Association (ASCA)

When can I go talk to Mrs. Yeager?
  • When you have a problem
  • When you are having a bad day
  • When someone is picking on you
  • When you are sad
  • When you are having a great day
  • When you don't understand something
  • Just ask your teacher or come by my room before school!
What does Mrs. Yeager do?
  • I help with problems
  • I love to listen
  • If I can't help I will find someone who can
  • I will never tell your secrets UNLESS someone might get hurt
  • I help with homework and study skills
  • I go into classrooms every 2 weeks for guidance lessons
  • I help you to help yourself

What can Mrs. Yeager help me with?
  • I can help you to help your child with homework or studying
  • I can provide resources for academic, personal, social, and emergency situations
  • I can be a go-between when talking to your children about difficult subjects
  • I can provide a stable environment for your child when things at home are rocky
  • I can work with you to help your child!
  • I can help find resources for families in need.