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Donor Wall for 2021

We appreciate each and every one of our donors! If you do not see your name listed and you feel it should have been please contact the school office.


Dr. Anne Marie Abney

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Albea

Ms. Teresa Burt

Mr. & Mrs. Curt Collins

Mr. & Mrs. David Cusimano

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Dickson

Ms. Leigh-Anne Doss

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ferguson

Ms. Judy Halli

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Holdefer

Mr. & Mrs. Scottie Jones

Ms. Martha Kearney

Mr. Michael Lander

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Leach

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Lee

Ms. Martha Lee

Ms. Karen Leicht

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Loper

Mrs. Claire Major

Mr. & Mrs. Allen McClendon

Mr. Clark Midkiff

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Neal Morris

Dr. Gary Moynihan

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Osucha

Drs. Jim & Pat Pilkinton

Ms. Carol Reidenbach

Ms. Linda Robertson

Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Shields

Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Straley

Mr. & Mrs. Benny Strozier

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Veillon

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Williams