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Eighth Grade Courses

Algebra I
Prerequisite: Advanced Pre-Algebra
Full Year

This course is offered to 8th graders who have demonstrated mastery of basic eighth grade math. The course is taught as a high school algebra course and fulfills their high school Algebra I requirement. The course covers linear equations, linear inequalities, exponential functions, and polynomials. Skills learned include analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and constructing logical arguments.

Church History
Full Year

This course gives students the foundations of the development of the Church and how the Church develops virtue. The students explore how Sacred Scripture and Tradition are the pillars of the Church through the study of the Acts of the Apostles. Activities and projects are based on the marks of the church and help students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, enabling them to identify the ways that Christ's church helps guide us in missionary discipleship.

English Language Arts
Full Year

This course emphasizes the development of critical reading skills using a variety of literature and informational texts. Students deepen their ability to analyze, evaluate, and critique various forms of texts in order to improve writing skills, seek to understand other perspectives and cultures, and expand on previously learned language conventions and vocabulary usage. This course is aligned with national standards and taught through the lens of a Catholic worldview. Students are required to read one novel during the summer.

Intro to Coding
One Semester

Introduction to Spanish
One Semester

This course introduces students to both Spanish language and culture. This class emphasizes the language skills in listening, reading, speaking, and writing by focusing on the application of simple grammatical concepts. Students listen to basic level Spanish with increasing comprehension, develop Spanish vocabulary for practical everyday use, and speak with correct pronunciation. Students write simple Spanish paragraphs and become informed and sensitive to relevant aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures. 

Physical Science
Full Year

This course helps students develop an understanding of basic physical science concepts. The focus of the course is basic chemistry skills, forces and motion, and acceleration. An earth science component includes the study of earthquakes and plate tectonics. Using scientific methods, activities, and projects help to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Students use the acquired knowledge and skills to develop and present science fair projects.

Full Year

Advanced Pre-Algebra leads to mastery of basic computational and problem-solving skills especially in number theory and percentage application problems. The course introduces students to solving two-step equations, graphing linear equations, solving geometry problems, and computing with integers, variables, and rational numbers. Skills learned include analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and constructing logical arguments.

Visual Art
Full Year/Once Weekly

This course is designed to teach students the elements of art and the principles of design. Students create many hands-on projects in drawing, painting, printing, and sculpture. This class increases student understanding of the visual arts and teaches them how to apply art terminology and techniques. Students meet once a week to cover course material. Projects take on to several class periods to complete, and an electronic portfolio will be available on Artsonia.

World History I
Full Year

World History I is designed to give students the foundations to the first civilizations of the world. Students explore how people first organized into societies and examine the contributions these societies made to our lives today. Students learn how to collaborate with their peers, time management, and presentation skills.