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Elementary school serves students from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Structured learning plans, combined with multi-sensory instruction, ensure that all students are challenged to their full potential. An accelerated curriculum is the standard while resource and fine arts programs provide customized support and enrichment for all students.

The Elementary School provides a strong academic curriculum. 

Language Arts: The language arts program emphasizes grammar and vocabulary in order to assist students in the acquisition of effective communication skills. While phonics is the methodology initially used to develop a strong foundation, reading comprehension is also a primary focus and students are encouraged to progress at their own rate.

Mathematics: Mathematics instruction begins with a hands-on, concrete approach and builds on a solid foundation of basic mathematical ideas and concepts.

Science & Social Studies: The science and social studies curriculums provide students with knowledge that can be related to their own experiences and form the foundation for in-depth study in middle and high school. 

The faculty and staff support and encourage students in their pursuit of excellence in all endeavors. Teachers work in a partnership with parents to monitor and encourage the active involvement of students in their own learning. This enables each child to benefit from establishing goals and working to accomplish his/her objectives. Enrichment opportunities and field trips are offered as an enhancement to the curriculum studies. 

Elementary Handbook