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Scholarships for eligible students in the Diocese of Birmingham Catholic schools are funded by each of the Scholarship Granting Organizations below. To register your tax credit to benefit our students and our Catholic schools, go to Click on "report a donation to an SGO" and select one of the SGOs serving our schools from the drip down menu.

C2 Opportunity Scholarships (csquared) 
C2 Opportunity Scholarships was established in 2018 and provides scholarships to income-eligible K-12 children across the Diocese of Birmingham through the donation of Alabama income tax liability so that they can attend a Diocesan school of their choice.


Scholarships for Kids (SFK) 
Scholarships for Kids works directly with qualified, nonpublic schools to offer scholarships and access to better education for children seeking to expand their educational opportunities.


Directions for Claiming Your Tax Credit Liability